Agile DevelopmentBy enabling rapid development with short iterations, Appway ensures the continuous delivery of running applications. With the adoption of agile development methodologies, businesses benefit from increased predictability, lower development risk, higher adoption rates and a stronger client focus.
A Continuous Application Development LifecycleEnterprise Application Development is a continuous and collaborative experience with Appway. Accessible in any browser, Appway gives organizations a comprehensive toolkit to develop high-quality and scalable enterprise applications without interruption.
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Build once – use everywhereThe model allows people to access business logic from any device and browser, dramatically reducing the effort to support multiple touchpoints.
Mobile Application Development with AppwayAppway empowers businesses to kickstart a mobile strategy and build for the future. With a seamless “work anytime, anywhere” approach, Appway boosts adoption rates among users and minimizes the effort required to create portable and scalable applications. Download Factsheet
Seamless and Decoupled Integration of SystemsIntegration with Appway uses a tangible business object that enables organizations to incorporate a variety of systems into their business processes. Designed to unify systems, it maintains the integrity of processes and keeps technological changes where they need to be. Download Factsheet
Supporting a DevOps ApproachAppway Dashboards gather development and operations information all in one place, fostering quick, iterative feedback for rapid improvement.Download Factsheet