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APPWAY DIGITAL BANKINGAppway Digital Banking helps financial institutions make digital technology the core of business by tearing down the barriers between customers and their financial firms, connecting them across all touchpoints from any channel.
Release Products &
Services Faster
Release products and services more quickly to intake revenue faster. Update product and service offerings or make improvements to applications without impacting legacy systems.
Client Advisory, AnywhereEmpower customers and relationship managers with the tools to connect across all channels. In a single portal, employees can communicate with customers and access their online activities to solve issues or give advice.
Digital Banking StudyExplore how wealth management firms in North America, Western Europe, and Asia are making their digital strategies a reality.
Predict Assets & Prevent BottlenecksCompare asset intake to historical data. Identify and resolve bottlenecks to increase the efficiency of business operations and free up employees’ time to focus on revenue-driving activities.
Deliver ContinuouslyDeploy updates on a continuous basis, independent of release dates. Quickly deliver products and services based on customer demands and market trends.
Collaborate in Real-timeAdd value to customers’ experiences by allowing them to instantaneously connect with employees through digital channels. Push relevant content, such as targeted product recommendations or
relevant information.
Selected Features
Native Workspace
Digital Concierge Servicing Monitoring
Business Activity Monitoring
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