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APPWAY ONBOARDINGAppway is the global leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry. With end-to-end automation and full transparency, Appway Onboarding’s guided processes enable financial institutions to quickly adapt to changing legal and tax environments and serve customers better.
Generate Revenue FasterEach step of the client lifecycle is automated with Appway Onboarding, streamlining processes while speeding up workflow cycles. With tools to detect bottlenecks, businesses can adapt their operations to avoid issues and focus on revenue-driving activities.
Ensure ComplianceAppway Onboarding uses real-time data to identify compliance and legal and tax requirements,including KYC, PEP, MiFID, DOL, FATCA, CRS, and many more....more
Client Onboarding StudyDelve into the latest trends and challenges in client onboarding in this cutting-edge industry report.
Fewer Signatures, Satisfied Customers Digitalizing the signature process enables clients to instantaneously and securely manage information across all channels without firms having to print, post, process, or store hardcopy documents....more
Prepare for KYC, Legal, & Tax ChangesReduce risk with the tools to quickly adapt to new regulations, independent of scheduled IT releases.
Selected Features
Instant Notifications
Notifications inform employees and customers about unprocessed work, increasing the speed and accuracy of onboarding.
Client Risk Rating
Continually calculate client risk rating and automatically involve the appropriate approval groups.
Third Party Integration
Easy integration with core banking systems, CRM, archives, and databases.
Questions?We have answers. Contact us to learn how Appway Onboarding can help your firm boost efficiency, ensure legal and tax compliance, and guarantee outstanding client experiences.Contact Us
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APPWAY DIGITAL BANKINGAppway Digital Banking helps financial institutions make digital technology the core of business by tearing down the barriers between customers and their financial firms, connecting them across all touchpoints from any channel. Learn More