How is your firm coping with growing complexity in the Digital Age?
Appway Platform can empower you on your digitalization journey.
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APPWAY PLATFORMThe Appway Platform gives organizations the power to develop and operate scalable business applications as they reinvent for the Digital Age. The comprehensive platform coordinates processes in a unified digital workspace, promoting collective intelligence and inspiring companies to turn their visions into running solutions.
How to Engage the Connected Customer This paper explores the challenges associated with cross-channel customer experience. It outlines a modern approach that companies can call upon to deliver customer-centric applications and connected customer experiences across channels and devices.Download Whitepaper
Digital ExperienceBusiness applications that are built with Appway can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device for a seamless cross-channel experience. Actively interact and collaborate, chat with experts, and co-browse the task at hand to resolve problems as they arise.Read more
Work AutomationAppway supports interactions across the entire work spectrum, from guided activities to task-focused or case-centric work. Automate rules and processes, analyze key metrics, monitor activities, and track process performance for business that’s smarter, faster, and more responsive.Read more
Adopt a Customer-centric Perspective and Operationalize the Customer JourneyLearn more
Agile DevelopmentBy enabling rapid development with short iterations, Appway ensures the continuous delivery of running applications. With the adoption of agile development methodologies, businesses benefit from increased predictability, lower development risk, higher adoption rates, and a stronger client focus.Read more
Continuous DeliveryAppway runs on premise, in a hybrid landscape or in the cloud, and applications can be ported easily from one deployment to another. Organizations can scale applications according to business demands and release business applications on a regular basis.Read more
Empowering the Service IndustriesThe Appway Platform empowers organizations along their journey of digitalization. Dive into the features, capabilities, and benefits of the Appway Platform with this brochure.Download
Appway Platform ArchitectureThis document is intended for CTOs, CIOs, software architects, and others interested in gaining an initial understanding of the architecture of the Appway Platform.Download