Onboarding for Wealth

Provide clients with a dedicated digital concierge to engage them on their terms.
Onboarding for Wealth combines digital and physical interactions to provide clients with a personalized and convenient experience—all while guaranteeing global compliance. With Appway's client onboarding solution for wealth management, you can:




Service Customers

Excellent, flexible, well-integrated system provided by an expert in wealth management.

Head of Operations Strategy & Head of Family Office Services in the Finance Industry

We have had an excellent overall experience with Appway, including… full, smart automation of our previously manual and disjointed client onboarding process.

Head of Operations Strategy & Head of Family Office Services in the Finance Industry

Implementation was a great success for all teams involved.

Vice President in the Finance Industry

The Onboarding for Wealth Offering

Combine Onboarding for Wealth’s business components to flexibly and efficiently design outstanding client onboarding.

Digital Concierge

Offer the choice of a preferred personal relationship manager.

Household Tree & Role Manager

Define account roles with preconfigured rules that contextualize personal relationships.

Meeting Scheduler

Provide clients with a digital scheduling assistant to conveniently facilitate meetings with their relationship manager.

Cross-Border Interaction

Allow clients to open accounts from anywhere without having to travel.

Secure Document Exchange

Enable secure and direct document exchange between clients and relationship managers.

Client Profiler

Rules engine that ensures clients are fully profiled through KYC, FATCA, and CRS questionnaires without having to rekey data.

Signature Manager

Collect and process wet, digital, and electronic signatures with an out-of-the-box configurable tool.

Digital Collaboration

Clients can choose to interact with their relationship manager online, in person, or through a combination of both.

The Onboarding for Wealth Experience

Orchestrate the customer journey through a reliable collaboration layer, where compliance is established by design and implementation is automated. Relationship managers can focus on value-adding servicing, managing both physical and digital interactions seamlessly.


Differentiated offering
Accessible wealth manager
Data gathering


Family & Household Tree
KYC questionnaire
Risk & suitability
360° view of client relationships

Product Configuration

Multiple accounts
Discretionary portfolios
Fee setup
Account funding

Manage Rules

Contractual documents

Guarantee Compliance


Activate Account

Activation, integration, core banking,
archive, CRM

Manage Approvals

In parallel & sequentially

Onboarding for Wealth in Action

Client Profiler

Tool to profile clients through KYC, FATCA, and CRS questionnaires, giving a 360° view of their regulatory status.

Secure Document Exchange

Clients and relationship managers can exchange documents securely. Transparency and accessibility have never been easier.

Household Tree

Role management made simple with a comprehensive view of a customer’s family connections, even in complex cases.

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