Appway ServicesAppway Services provide a range of benefits, from training and support, to knowledge resources and project guidance. The Academy and Developer Community help you broaden your knowledge and skills with Appway, where you can share what you’ve learnt with a global audience. Professional and Solution Engineering Services help you achieve speed, agility and efficiency, maximizing the value of your Appway solution. Support can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring you maintain velocity.
AcademyDevelop your skills with Appway. We offer flexible training options so you can learn at your own pace as well as a certification scheme to help you determine your level of proficiency.Explore our courses
Explore our training center in Zurich.
Developer CommunityJoin the community of Appway Developers. Share know-how with other professionals who model, build and maintain Appway applications. Appway Developer offers you a technical forum, quick recipes to solve problems, self-paced tutorials and product documentation.Join our community
Professional ServicesUse our Professional Services at every stage of your project to reach your required independence and maximize the value returned by your Appway solution. Meet our professional staff
Solution Engineering ServicesEmploy our Solution Engineering Services in complex environments to define your architecture, review your design and even build your own Appway Center of Excellence.Explore solution engineering services
SupportGet high-quality, responsive assistance according to your Support Level Agreement, supplemented as needed with dedicated Application Maintenance Services. Ask for regular health inspections and stand-by support during key phases to serve your business and ensure optimal performance.See support options