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Appway For Banking
Appway Digital BankingAppway Digital Banking tears down the barriers between customers and their financial firms, connecting them across all touch-points on any channel. With real-time data analytics, businesses can identify opportunities and focus on value-adding activities – all without affecting legacy systems.
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Appway OnboardingAppway is the global leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry. Appway Onboarding’s guided processes cover all activities related to the client lifecycle, guaranteeing outstanding experiences while ensuring compliance.
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Highlights from our Blog
How to Empower Insurance Agents to be Effective Client Advisors
In the past, insurance agents have been known to advise their customers (individuals, families, and corporate businesses) on financial matters and sell them insurance policies that don’t always match ...more
Digital Onboarding: How to Remotely Authenticate New Clients
As a sales manager, I love to challenge prospective customers with a new way of thinking about a topic. I speak to banks and financial service companies every day about e-signatures and how to go digital ...more
Four Steps to Data Management Success
At Appway, Swisscom is an important partner of ours, which is why we were delighted to have it sponsor Appway Sphere for Banking Geneva. At the event, Roger Fehr, Swisscom’s Head of Data Management ...more