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Appway For Banking
Appway Digital BankingAppway Digital Banking tears down the barriers between customers and their financial firms, connecting them across all touch-points on any channel. With real-time data analytics, businesses can identify opportunities and focus on value-adding activities – all without affecting legacy systems.
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Appway OnboardingAppway is the global leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry. Appway Onboarding’s guided processes cover all activities related to the client lifecycle, guaranteeing outstanding experiences while ensuring compliance.
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Highlights from our Blog
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Why Deloitte’s New RegTech Solutions Are a Game Changer
Banking operates in an increasingly complex environment. Due to the increased need for compliance, margins are diminishing and costs are rising. To stay competitive, banks are looking at various ways ...more
The Client Journey: Pain Points and Segmentation
While “client experience” is an everyday industry term these days, this wasn’t always the case. When WealthBriefing published a research report on client experience in 2014, the term had plenty of firms ...more