Work AutomationAppway supports interactions across the entire work spectrum, from guided activities to task-focused or case-centric work. Automate rules and processes, analyze key metrics, monitor activities, and track process performance for business that’s smarter, faster and more responsive.
Unlock the Potential of Robotic Process Automation in FSIWatch the Webinar
Adaptive Case Management: Managing Emerging ProcessesIn this white paper, we explore the complexities of adaptive case management, technologies that help manage emerging processes, and how to combine structured and emerging processes to meet business goals.Download Whitepaper
Continuous Enhancement of Business ProcessesAppway puts business in the driver’s seat. Application Development with Appway is a continuous cycle where organizations design, run, monitor, and improve their business processes.Download Factsheet
Empower Digital TransformationDigitalization at companies worldwide requires more than just automated processes; companies must also adapt their business processes and related applications to the needs of customers, market demands and regulations. Discover how BPM can be a catalyst for digital transformation. Download Editorial Feature
Adopt a Customer-centric Perspective and Operationalize the Customer Journey.Learn more
Gain Insights for Smart, Data-driven Decisions Appway Business Activity Monitoring is an out-of-the-box analytics solution that gives organizations real-time information to make swift, data-driven decisions and foster a more responsive business.Download Factsheet
Distribute Collaboration with Process PlatformsDiscover how modern collaborative process platforms support visual analysis, modeling, and process validation to unite departments and integrate various knowledge sets in process development and execution.Download Editorial Feature
6-Steps To Enterprise Business Activity MonitoringFind out how to leverage Business Activity Monitoring to identify bottlenecks and optimize your organization's potential.Download White Paper