January 18, 2017What’s the Status of Client-Centricity in Singapore Banking? !As we mentioned in our previous blog post, clients of private banks in Asia need to wait far longer than clients in Europe to open an account. In a recent roundtable discussion Appway hosted in Singapore with banking specialists, 72% of the participants disclosed that an... Read more
January 11, 2017Compliance Meets Digital Onboarding in Singapore !Along with Hubbis, Appway recently hosted the roundtable “Drive your Top and Bottom Line with Client Onboarding” in Singapore. The participants, senior banking experts from local and global private banks, exchanged visions about digitalization and the main pain points when it comes to onboarding a client.... Read more
December 28, 2016Banking on the Next Big Thing: Chatbots !Recently, the banking industry has been buzzing about user interaction, particularly around the topic of conversational interactions, or chatbots. Over the last year, chatbots have gained a lot of ground and the implementation will be what’s next in the evolution of digital banking solutions in 2017.Advancements... Read more
December 14, 2016Happy holidays from all of us at Appway! !We had a lot of major changes in 2016, from opening up a new office in London to launching major events around the globe. We are grateful to be part of a supportive community of thinkers and innovators and look forward to strengthening these relationships in... Read more
December 08, 2016How Regulations are Transforming Digital Banking... for the Better !Now that the Federal Council of Switzerland revised the Ordinance on the Electronic Signature, contracts signed digitally in Switzerland will have equal status as those with handwritten signatures starting in 2017. The new law takes into account increasing digitalization in the financial services industry and banks... Read more
November 23, 2016What's the Secret to Customer Loyalty? !Although wealth managers are taking steps to digitalize, many are still behind on cutting-edge techniques for engagement. Fortunately, most realize the need to offer clients tools to develop a connected and engaging relationship.The future of successful wealth management firms will see a focus on building relationships... Read more
November 17, 2016Is Standardization the Key to Advisor Empowerment? !Even though some fear digitalization will lead to disintermediation, the advisor still remains center stage. Through their broad digitalization initiatives––the role and capabilities of the advisor are being enhanced. Many advisors, however, are weighed down with multiple and often unconnected systems, creating chaos and inefficiencies. Wealth... Read more
November 10, 2016Appway Digital Banking London: Wealth Management & the Pursuit of Digitalization !Wealth managers across Europe gathered at the Soho Hotel in London to learn about the inevitable shift towards digitalization that all wealth management firms must contend with. The conclusion of the Breakfast Briefing, co-sponsored by WealthBriefing, is clear-cut: Wealth managers have to engage clients through digital... Read more
October 27, 20162 Keys to Client-Centricity and How to Deliver !What happens when you deliver a truly client-centric business? For one, your customers will be happy. Relationship managers will be more productive, since they will be able to focus on more rewarding work like advising clients instead of filing and documenting forms. Beyond these benefits, financial... Read more
October 27, 2016The Path to Better Client and Advisor Engagement !Market leaders in the financial services are pursuing broad digitalization goals across three areas: client, advisor, and business. Amid this breadth and complexity, firms can achieve quick wins and build towards their long-term strategy with improved, flexible, and integrated communications options.Communications are facing fundamental change. Until... Read more