May 22, 2017How Banks Can Empower Employees with the Right Solution, Featuring Gartner Insight for Financial Services CIOs empowered employee!Last year, BBVA Executive Chairman, Francisco González, declared that “improving productivity is the biggest challenge that companies face today.” This challenge isn’t just being noticed by those in senior banking positions.In Gartner’s report, 2017 CIO Agenda: A Financial Services Perspective (February 2017), David Furlonger states... Read more
May 19, 2017CRM II: How Banks Can Stay Compliant Yet Flexible flexible-silhouette!Since 2014, the Client Relationship Model II (CRM II) regulation has become a hot topic in the Canadian financial services industry because of its influence on banking practices in Canada. CRM II aims to protect investors from false investments and provide them with comprehensive information about... Read more
May 11, 2017Consumer Protection in Europe: What It Is and Why It’s Important EEA consumer protection!After the economic crisis shook the world in 2008, a wave of consumer protection initiatives hit the global financial industry like a tsunami. More than ever before, it became crucial to protect customers from bad investments, losses, and illegal conduct perpetrated by financial institutions.Since... Read more
May 04, 2017FAQ: Compliance and Onboarding in the U.S. question-mark-faq!It's no secret that keeping up with compliance changes has caused a number of headaches for banks across the U.S., especially when it comes to onboarding new customers. We often field questions from our clients wondering what they can do to maintain compliance despite an ever-changing... Read more
April 27, 2017Why the Platform is the Best Bet for Banks, Featuring Gartner Insight for Financial Services CIOs Appway Platform Best Bet!Last week, I wrote about why a digital onboarding solution is the best option for digitalizing banks based on insights from Gartner’s 2017 CIO Agenda: A Financial Services Perspective (David Furlonger, February 2017). Now let’s talk about why implementing a solution that unifies... Read more
April 20, 2017Digital Onboarding: No Pain, All Gain online shopping!Booking a hotel online? A couple of minutes.Buying an intercontinental flight online? A few minutes.Buying a wonderful pair of shoes online and getting them delivered to your front door? One day.Opening a simple bank account online? Weeks! But only if you’re lucky and your bank... Read more
April 13, 2017CRS and the 3 Changes It’s Bringing to Hong Kong and Singapore singapore lion!Compliance regulations impact financial institutions throughout the world. While some regulations only apply to certain regions, others apply on a global level. One compliance standard that has an international influence is The Common Reporting Standard (CRS). So what is it?CRS is an agreed upon guideline... Read more
April 06, 2017How Digital Innovation Is Transforming Banking, Featuring Gartner Insight for Financial Services CIOs digital transformation journey!We've arrived in the Digital Age. But does this mean that all businesses are digitally advanced? In short, no.Digitalization is an ever-evolving process, and many CIOs in the financial services feel they’re not meeting industry expectations when it comes to digitalization and innovation.In its... Read more
April 04, 20174 Steps to Digitally Onboarding HNWIs shoes on stairs!Providing a stellar customer experience during onboarding should be the standard for all wealth management companies. But the truth is, private banks need to go above and beyond the norm to accommodate their HNWI clients.Why?Because HNWIs have higher expectations, and if they’re not satisfied,... Read more
March 30, 2017CRS and the 3 Ways It Will Change the Banking Industry global exchange!To begin, let’s talk about what the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is. In short, it’s a compliance standard for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) developed in response to a G20 request. CRS’s goal is to identify who pays taxes in which countries, and it... Read more