March 24, 2017What to Do about the Uncertainty Surrounding US Banking Regulations !Banking deregulation has been a hot topic with the new U.S. administration. From the DOL fiduciary rule delay to speculation of the Dodd-Frank Act's future, financial institutions are now unclear whether certain regulations will be modified or even repealed. The recently proposed 60-day delay to the... Read more
March 17, 2017What Matters Most in Private Banking? gold watch!Private banking requires the gold standard of customer service.A bank’s most distinguishing feature is its customer service. However, customers’ expectations and habits are changing with new technologies, and this is no different in private banking. In addition to phone and email, today’s customer also uses... Read more
March 09, 20175 Use Cases for Chatbots !Chatbots are excellent tools if you know how to use them.In comparison to traditional graphical user interfaces (GUIs), chatbots are still quite primitive. Currently, they’re unable to make intelligent deductions or understand complex conversations. Because the capabilities of conversational interfaces are limited, the interaction between chatbots... Read more
March 02, 2017Chatbots Aren't New, So What's the Hype? !Chatbots aren’t new. We’ve had the technology to build them for a long time; they simply weren’t sexy enough for mass adoption.By chatbots, we mean the tool used to automate conversations within a conversational interface. They can perform simple tasks like prompt you with questions to... Read more
February 23, 20173 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Chatbot !Don't adopt a chatbot without a strategy.We focus on the digital transformations of banks and get a lot of questions about the latest trends in technology. One question that keeps popping up: Where is the greatest potential for chatbots in banking?We heard it so much that... Read more
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February 08, 2017Are Banks Ready for Chatbots? !Chatbots are on their way. But are banks ready for them?Chatbots in banking have recently been lighting up search results across the web. Whenever such hot topics surface, I ask myself, “Is it just hype or will it actually take hold in the real world?” In... Read more
February 02, 2017Customers Want Better Onboarding in Hong Kong !As we previously mentioned in our blog series on onboarding in Asia, clients of private banks in Asia need to wait far longer than clients in Europe to open an account. In a recent roundtable discussion Appway hosted in Hong Kong, senior banking specialists exchanged visions... Read more
January 26, 2017Compliance Meets Digital Onboarding in Hong Kong !Along with our blog series on digital onboarding in Asia, Appway recently hosted a roundtable in Hong Kong with Asian Private Banker. Appway’s Igor Djurdjevic and senior banking experts exchanged visions about digitalization and main pain points when it comes to onboard a client. Here are... Read more
January 18, 2017What’s the Status of Client-Centricity in Singapore Banking? !As we mentioned previously in our onboarding in Asia blog series, clients of private banks in Asia need to wait far longer than clients in Europe to open an account. In a recent roundtable discussion Appway hosted in Singapore with banking specialists, 72% of the participants... Read more