As a customer, what would be your channel of choice when requesting a mortgage loan, if you could choose between completing everything online, handling it only in person with a dedicated advisor, or having a mix of online tools and personal service?

This is what we asked attendees in our webinar, How to Digitalize the Mortgage Process and Stay Competitive. 75% said they would most prefer a mix of online tools and personal service.

Channel View

The results of the poll make a lot more sense when you see that while most initial mortgage loan requests begin online, the majority of actual final loan submissions take place in person (see the figure above).

Why is this?

The answer is simple: the human touch. If a customer is able to explain their situation human to human, the chances of them going through with the loan request increase by a lot.

For this reason, although millennials are more accustomed to navigating digital channels, they are still just as likely as any other generation to want to use a branch.

That’s why it’s important to let clients move easily between digital and physical channels, without losing anything from one channel to the next along the way.

Customers Aren’t One Size Fits All

Another point to keep in mind is that a young professional is going to have different circumstances and needs then a family will, for example.

Banks and insurers should be approaching these different types of people in very different ways, particularly as customer expectations continue to evolve and change.

The mortgage process of the future and what it will look like comes into play here.

An ecosystem that connects the company with the customers and any necessary third parties will become the norm. The goal of this ecosystem is to manage all of these different stakeholders in the most seamless way and to streamline standard and complex cases.

As with customers, banks and insurers have different situations and different needs. They must create the perfect digital mortgage experience that best serves their own business as well as their clients.

During the webinar, we also gave a live walk through of our Digital Mortgage solution to show exactly how it helps banks and insurers improve efficiency while serving their customers with a human touch on the channels of their choice.

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