We’re pleased to officially announce Appway 7, Appway Platform’s new major software release. The result of extensive research and interviews with Appway customers, partners, and industry leading experts, this new release paves the way for future digital business developments across industries.

Some of Appway 7’s highlights include:

  • Case Management: enables modern working methods, complements the structured Business Process Management approach with emerging cases, and therefore covers the full process spectrum—structured, ad-hoc, and everything in between.

  • Design System: provides enhanced user experience by applying extensively researched and tested patterns. Also assembles state-of-the-art modules, components, and styles (all while still having full flexibility to comply with corporate designs), which differentiates you from competitors.

  • Auto-Generated Forms: to save time, commodities such as online forms are built for you.

  • Packages: brings modular software development to a new level by enabling the construction of packages. These can be reused across solutions, making it simpler and faster to develop new solutions and much easier to maintain and improve existing ones.

  • Inbox: designed with a focus on work automation and user experience, Inbox promotes efficiency and serves as a personal hub for end-users.

Appway 7 was designed with simplicity, efficiency, and elegance as guiding principles

Appway 7’s new capabilities reinforce each other and will make working with Appway that much better for stakeholders, whether an application developer, customer, or any other employee. Plus, the updated software lays the foundation for the financial services solutions we’re launching this fall—Onboarding for Wealth and Onboarding for Retail—as well as for the digital accelerators that we’re bringing to the market later this year.

Exclusively announced at Appway Sphere 2016, Appway 7 went through a beta-day series with selected customers and partners in different locations around the globe—Zurich, Chiasso, New York, Singapore, and back again. And because we know the importance of not just ‘talking the talk’ but also ‘walking the walk,’ we did the first live test of Appway 7 on all of our internal platforms, including our enterprise resource planning software, intranet, public website, ticketing system, and community and e-learning platform. As we suspected, the test was a success and now Appway 7 e-Learning modules are available. The first implementation and migration projects have already started and we’re thrilled with the cutting-edge developments now possible thanks to Appway 7; we’ve developed new types of applications based on the latest capabilities in only a few weeks.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we’ll publish white papers and host a series of webinars on Appway 7’s capabilities. But in case you can’t wait and want to get a taste of Appway 7 sooner, you can log on to our community platform or get in touch and we’ll schedule an in-person meeting with you.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed and gave invaluable feedback. Because of you, Appway 7 rocks!