Appway 8, available September 5 2018

We're proud to announce that the latest release of the Appway Platform, Appway 8, is now available!

We've worked hard to ensure this release delivers the innovation and acceleration you need to continue strengthening your digital transformation.

Providing outstanding customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator in today's world, and the extended integration and orchestration capabilities included with Appway 8 make providing a seamless customer journey across your system landscape even easier.

Digital transformation is also about surpassing users' design expectations, providing an experience that scores highly in terms of usability and visual impact. Our enhanced Design System helps you achieve that, with prebuilt modules and tools that make it even easier for you to provide a best-in-class user experience.

And let's not forget that developer and employee experience is also a key part of a successful digital transformation program: to this end, we've strengthened coordination and governance capabilities within the Studio, and improved system health monitoring as well.

Key Capabilities of Appway 8:

  • Web API — Today, Appway typically acts as an orchestration layer across a company’s system landscape. Appway 8's new Web API strengthens and extends this functionality: external systems can now consume data and services which are exposed as a REST-like API by an Appway solution as part of the design-time model.

  • Enhanced Design System — The Appway Design System provides a design foundation for task-centric applications built on the Appway Platform. As part of the Design System update, new components to simplify file uploads, and tools to facilitate working with Style Packages and defining themes for applications, are now available. The default icon set has also been updated.

  • Native Apps for iOS and Android — The Appway Native Workspace makes all applications developed on the Appway Platform instantly available as a native application for iOS and for Android. With the new version of the iOS and the Android Native App, it is now possible for users to have full media access to their device content (Photo gallery, iCloud, Drive, or other similar services), as well as to take in-App videos — uploaded in the solution but not stored — and play them.

  • Enterprise Development and Operations — Enterprise customers typically develop several Appway Solutions simultaneously, where minor and major features are developed and deployed in parallel on separate environments. For the project team, this approach leads to an increasing need for coordination and governance. The new enterprise development features address these needs, with fine-grained user permissions for the various parts of the Studio, simplified Business Object change reconciliation, and the new Business Object Patching functionality.

  • System Health — Appway’s monitoring capabilities have been extended by the introduction of new health sensors, and the improvement of existing ones. In addition, Appway 8 now exposes health sensor information via an HTTP endpoint, allowing external monitoring software to display Appway health information.

To help you and your team get the most out of the new features from the start, we are preparing an Appway 8 Update e-Learning which includes lessons dedicated to the new features, as well as a final exam to consolidate your understanding. Soon to be available on our Academy e-Learning platform, you can contact for more information.

If you're eager to find out more about the benefits Appway 8 brings your business, watch our webinar on-demand where our experts demonstrate the new features:

Watch Appway 8 webinar on-demand