Earlier this year, Appway won the Best Onboarding award at the WealthBriefing Awards in Europe, Asia, and North America. To go along with this, Appway CEO and founder Hans Peter Wolf was featured in WealthBriefing’s Acclaim magazine.

He spoke with Editor Tom Burroughes about how Appway intends to continue staying out front of its competition. Here are some of the key points he discussed:

  • The requirements for client onboarding have changed since 2003: The main focus used to be eliminating paper and excel-based tools to achieve a streamlined digitalized process and gain efficiency
  • Today, the main goal is to help financial institutions speed up time to market while at the same time enabling a fully compliant process. Clients often tell him that this unique combination is what makes Appway different

  • Continuous innovation is extremely important at Appway, as it’s the best way to reflect the current market and stand out from competition
  • Globally rolling out client onboarding solutions that actually mirror local regulatory situations has also been a key differentiator
  • From a technology perspective, we’re continuing to substantially advance process automation, real-time collaboration functionalities, and advanced analytics
  • We work closely with complementary best-of-breed global and local service providers, empowering banks to integrate and orchestrate the best services to facilitate seamless customer journeys and a coherent customer experience

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