Sky-blue lego blocks piled haphazardly on top of each other Use building blocks to grow your solution instead of starting completely from scratch

If you're looking for software to support your company's digital transformation, you've probably come across the term “low code.” Why? Because a low code platform enables more people across your business to participate in creating value for your business. But what does “low code” actually mean? And is it worth it?

I'm going to be completely honest: I'm a little biased. As the CTO of Appway, I'm proud to say we've been providing “low code” software for over 15 years.

Low code is a business term for something software engineering has always done: get rid of needless code. Essentially, it’s a method that transforms deep, core engineering problems into thinking exercises, replacing a fear of technology with the joy of enthusiasm and participation. Instead of only writing lines upon lines of code, you use visual editors to create understandable and flexible processes, business rules, and user interfaces, for example. “Drag and drop” is a language everyone understands.

Back when we started what would become Appway, the idea of bringing a diverse group of people together within an enterprise setting to participate in software development—people who didn’t need a background in computer science or coding to be able to shape a business application, who could add value precisely because of their broader experience — wasn't as widely accepted as it is today.

We're thrilled to see our vision moving mainstream, as successful digital transformation requires a strong company culture where everyone feels empowered in value generation. By choosing a low code platform, you're broadening the group of people that can understand and potentially contribute to your products. And, if you've chosen the right platform, you start with components that probably cover 80% of your requirements already. You get layers of expert knowledge that you can use, out-of-the-box.

So as well as adding value through participation and diversity, you can achieve things faster. Turing Award-winner Dr Fred Brooks noted way back in 1987 that, "teams can grow much more complex entities in four months than they can build." This still holds true over 30 years later. Instead of having to build from the ground up, you can focus your team of designers, engineers, and analysts on bringing an outstanding experience, unique to your business, to your application. Instead of starting from scratch, you get to allocate that time to innovating, differentiating yourself from your competitors, and delighting your users.

Choosing to use low code to power your digital transformation is how you increase your chances of success. It's making the decision to be competitive. It's making the decision to be fast and flexible. It's making the decision about what you value most.

It's an easy decision to make.

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