The Appway Native Workspace empowers your mobile strategy and makes all applications developed with the Appway Platform instantly available as native applications. It provides the tools to efficiently develop and maintain enterprise apps while ensuring the highest security standards and an excellent user experience.

Engage and Fascinate

No matter if the apps are for B2C, B2B, or internal use, it is crucial that they are beautiful, functional, and easy to interact with. Appway’s out-of-the-box components and functionality are geared to provide great mobile experiences.

Introducing the Native Workspace at Appway Sphere 2015

Let Oliver Brupbacher (CTO) and Aurelian Briner (Product Manager) guide you through the Native Workspace experience.

Welcome Note & Updates from Appway by Hans Peter Wolf & Team at Appway Sphere 2015 from Appway on Vimeo.

Seamless Multichannel Experience

Customers and employees expect intuitive experiences across all devices, channels, and interaction modes. Appway solutions are consistent and automatically adapt according to each touchpoint. With it, you can leverage the full range of device features like actionable push notifications, geolocation, and camera-with-viewfinder.

Build Once – Use Everywhere

The model allows people to access business logic from any device and browser, dramatically reducing the effort to support multiple touchpoints.

Learn how the three layers of the Native Workspace connect people in the Digital Age.

Automated Maintenance

Maintenance is typically a pain point in app development. Appway delivers the updates required to adapt to new OS versions and devices, enabling efficient maintenance with minimal effort.

Trusted Security Architecture

Security is our utmost concern. The Native Workspace provides full control over how data is exchanged and stored, ensuring your app meets enterprise security requirements. Appway also supports integration with specialized security providers.