Appway Platform provides the technology to support digital transformation. FROX has the goal of radically reducing hurdles in business processes. We've partnered up to bring the message of digitalization, flexibility and customer experience excellence to the utility sector — powering digital transformation beyond the financial services industry.

FROX AG has been providing IT consulting services, solution and system integration expertise, and developing client-specific IT applications for over 20 years. With a specific focus on the field of process digitalization and automation, FROX is well placed to help Swiss companies navigate the digital universe.

Taking Advantage of Process Automation

A study by the University of St. Gallen estimated that over 40 per cent of Swiss companies need to play 'catch up' in the field of process automation. This view echoes FROX's experience of constantly increasing demand for process automation and digitalization solutions.

One key reason is the growing complexity of corporate processes, and the intertwining of these processes with different, sometimes separate, IT systems. Complex processes, however, also present companies with a great opportunity to optimize — to eliminate process discontinuity, reduce errors, ensure compliance, and improve customer experience.

Integrating Know-How With User Experience

Applying its methodological expertise and extensive integration know-how, FROX understood how a company from the utility sector could benefit from the Appway platform. The company offers electricity, water, heat and telecom products and services, and needed a suitable process management solution that could be introduced company-wide.

After conducting several workshops to evaluate business requirements and objectives, FROX knew that the Appway platform would be the one that would fulfill the company's expectations.

Appway's vision is that a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach to enterprise application development, which empowers stakeholders in various roles (such as business owners, UX designers, developers, and end users) to join forces, is key to producing successful business applications. In FROX, we have a partner who shares that vision — and we're looking forward to further exciting joint projects!