October 29, 2018Appway 8 Update e-Learning is Here!

Maybe you’ve heard the news: Appway 8 is here! And to accompany our new major release, showcase all the new capabilities, and prepare you for development with Appway 8, we’re excited to announce Appway 8 Update e-learning.

With the e-Learning lessons, you’ll learn all about Appway 8’s updated capabilities, with the exercises you’ll have a chance to practice what you have learned, and with the final exam you’ll be able to complete your learning. What does this mean? It means you’ll upgrade your Appway 7 Professional Certification and officially become Appway 8 certified.

Not yet Appway 7 certified? We’ve got you covered: As part of a combo deal, you can get the Appway 7 Professional Certification and the full Appway 8 Update e-Learning at a reduced price.

Here are some resources to get you started:

  • To find out more about the Appway 8 Upgrade e-Learning and the topics it covers, have a look on Appway Community

  • Meet our instructional designers and take a look behind the scenes in this interview

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Written byGabriella BalsamoAcademy Lead, Appway