February 17, 2011Appway’s glorious US expansion

Numcom Software's Founder & CEO Hanspeter Wolf was recently interviewed by Swiss IT Magazine. Talking about cultural differences between doing business in the US and in Switzerland, he explained that it is often easy to get a foot in the door of an American company, but that this alone does not guarantee getting a deal. He compared the US to a peach: soft on the outside, with a tough core. Doing business in Switzerland is different: hard on the outside, but soft once you've cracked the shell. "More like a coconut," according to Mr. Wolf.

Asked for advice for Swiss companies trying to get into the US market, Mr. Wolf told Swiss IT Magazine that it was important to fill a niche. "If I tell a company's board member that we're number one in client-on-boarding, I have at least five minutes of his attention," he explained.

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