User Experience ServicesUser experience (UX) is a key differentiator and Appway provides the platform and services to help businesses make UX an important part of their strategy. With its culture of innovation and UX services, Appway empowers businesses to quickly reach UX maturity and innovate continuously. Deliver a compelling and engaging user experience with Appway’s fully integrated UX services.
User JourneysWith in-depth stakeholder and end user interviews, contextual inquires and surveys, organizations will gain critical knowledge about users and validate business goals. To support the design process, the information can be refined into personas and user journeys.
User Experience AssessmentTo assess an existing solution, Appway performs expert reviews with a series of usability heuristics and best practices for user experience, resulting in consolidated lists of issues and opportunities for enhancement.
User Experience DesignStarting with the information architecture and user flows, Appway works iteratively to define and perfect the solution by building and testing prototypes. A detailed solution workspace concept is created, including page templates and pattern guides based on Appway screen components.
Design End User ValidationBoth in the early phases of the design process and in development, testing with actual users is the best way to validate a solution, identify potential issues and make corrections. Appway takes care of all aspects of end user testing, including design, implementation and evaluation.
UX Consulting & ReviewUX experts are involved throughout the entire development cycle. They consult with developers, perform UX health checks and adjust concepts based on end user feedback. This guarantees optimal user experience for both product increments and the end product.
UX Optimization Appway reviews usage metrics and gathers and reviews user feedback in order to identify opportunities for improvement.