Solution Engineering ServicesEngage Appway Solution Engineers to take advantage of the team's in-depth knowledge and project experience as you define and assess your solution’s architecture. Whether you are testing your solution, reviewing your design or platform to minimize issues during go-live, or simply need guidance, Appway Solution Engineers are here to support you.
Architecture Workshops
Do you want to optimally set up your Appway solution within your system landscape? Appway Solution Engineers drive the initial phase of your project, independently or in collaboration with your architects, to ensure an optimal system architecture, integration approach, and security setup.
Health ChecksAre you integrating best practices? Would you like an overview of the health of your solution? Appway Solution Engineers conduct customized reviews of your setup, ranging from platform and security setup, to integration, configuration, and solution design.
Testing Guidance
Are you ready for production? Has the specified functionality been correctly implemented? Appway Solution Engineers advise on how to best test your Appway solution, whether it be unit, functional, or load testing. We will help you set up your testing initiative and provide guidance in best practices.
Expert Assistance
Do you want expert guidance while investigating specific aspects of your solution? Are you facing challenging technical requirements? Appway Solution Engineers can help you tackle technical challenges, drawing on a wealth of experience and in-depth Appway knowledge.
Coaching InnovationHow could your Appway solution–and your business–best benefit from new Appway features? Appway Solution Engineers will help you bring your solution up to date. We analyze what your solution would gain from new features, and how to best deploy them within your solution.
Performance ImprovementAre you experiencing slow response times and high resource consumption from your application? Appway Solution Engineers assess your solution and platform setup to identify improvements that will increase your solution’s performance.