Switzerland’s leading insurance company is cementing its market lead through company-wide digitalization projects based on Appway Platform.
With annual revenues of CHF 9.8 billion, AXA is Switzerland’s largest insurance provider. Offering personal, property, and liability insurance as well as customized life insurance and pension fund solutions, the company employs more than 4,000 employees and serves 1.9 million private and corporate customers. AXA's main goal is to offer high-quality advice, optimally tailored to corresponding needs and requirements, at all times.

At AXA Switzerland (formerly known as AXA Winterthur), business process management (BPM) is a strategic initiative and one that the company is keen to develop further. In 2012, the company replaced its previous BPM system with Appway Platform, offering greater scalability and integration capabilities. Since then, it has migrated more than 50 complex, business critical processes to Appway, starting with its backend and incrementally involving all operational and commercial divisions. Appway also introduced business activity monitoring to continuously improve operations and processes at AXA. The company now handles some 4.2 million process instances per year through Appway Platform.

To live up to its customers’ expectations, AXA operates a dense distribution network that includes 270+ agencies and autonomous general agencies. This makes effective communication between the insurer’s head office and its agencies essential for AXA to serve its customers quickly and competently. The head office receives 90,000 inquiries every year from its agents, often related to specific insurance products, the conditions of insurance, tariffs, or extent of cover. A team of around 60 employees from the underwriting front office and the risk office process each inquiry individually.

Based on Appway Platform, AXA Switzerland has defined a standardized process for the distribution of these inquiries. The new process allows all relevant process stakeholders and internal departments, including Underwriting (front office and risk office), Contract Management, and Customer Management, to access all pertinent customer and policy data at any time. This new process is featured in the Zürich University of Applied Sciences/ZHAW case study available for download underneath.

Currently, the company employs approximately 30 staff members trained to continue expanding the use of Appway within the organization. Beyond streamlining its existing business, AXA Switzerland has developed 17 new applications based on Appway. Among other things, further development will focus on enhanced self-service applications for the end customer.
Redesigning key business processes at AXA Switzerland (Appway Sphere 2016)
Key Highlights from AXA Switzerland’s Success Story
  • Automated workflows from back to front office
  • Ongoing solution development based on Appway Platform
  • Agent Inquiry Distribution Process connects the company’s main office with its 3,500 brokers
  • Proactive knowledge management supports AXA's underwriters
  • Advisor response rate less than 24 hours

Read AXA Winterthur’s case study from the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW).