August 24, 2017When it Comes to Swiss Banking, Size Doesn’t Matter


Investec Switzerland, a Swiss wealth management bank and subsidiary of the international Investec Bank, is small in comparison to many other major players in the banking industry. But when it comes to being digitally progressive and innovative, it’s shown itself to be a real powerhouse. And even more impressive is that Investec Switzerland's digital journey only started a little over six years ago.

Since beginning its journey, the Swiss bank has continuously invested in technology with the goal of providing excellent customer service and state-of-the-art tools to its employees, which has unsurprisingly resulted in increased satisfaction and top-notch performances. Its onboarding solution is also constantly evolving thanks to small, quick deliveries that have brought enormous benefits. Since these initiatives have proven so successful, the global Investec Bank has decided to implement them outside of Switzerland as well in its investment centers such as London, Hong Kong, and Ireland. This step allows its relationship managers to deliver personalized customer experience all over the world.

Because of its dedication to digital transformation, this small bank with big ideas now has a solid foundation, the right processes, and agile technology, all which help it manage increasing complexities and face compliance pressures with ease. As David Gurtner, Head of Projects & IT at Investec Switzerland, said during his interview at Appway Sphere for Banking in 2016, “for us it is important that… the DNA of the vendor is matching with our DNA.” Investec recognized Appway’s ability to understand its needs and face emerging challenges, and that’s why it decided to integrate Appway Onboarding into its bank. The outcome has been predictable deployments that reduce implementation risks and allow the delivery of new features to happen swiftly, usually in a couple of weeks.

Want to hear more about Investec Bank Switzerland’s successful digital journey with Appway? You can watch our video interview with David Gurtner, Investec Switzerland’s Head of Projects & IT.

Download our Investec success story to get all the details.

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Written byClaudia ColomboProduct Marketing Specialist