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Innovating the Digital Workplace
Today, businesses worldwide are transforming at unprecedented rates. Companies are going global, employees are working remotely and around the world, while increasing work complexity is requiring workers put their brains together and collaborate.
At Appway Sphere 2015, Appway’s second global conference, we explored how businesses operationalize the customer journey and empower employees with technology that's innovating the digital workplace.
Business leaders from around the world explored the trends and technology in the financial services industry today
Members of the community exchanged experiences, ideas and best practices with others building solutions with Appway
Attendees deepened their understanding of Appway alongside our developers and experts
Community DayTue Sept. 22
Developer DayWed Sept. 23
Morning Program
Welcome Note and Updates from AppwayHans Peter Wolf & the Appway Product Team
Hans Peter Wolf and his team will personally welcome all attendees to Appway Sphere 2015. They will share their ideas about the future of digital business transformation and set the tone for this year’s conference.
Orchestrate Knowledge WorkRene Turra, Swiss Re
For the future of its digital business operating platform, Swiss Re, a leading global reinsurance company, is looking beyond workflow or automation. Learn more about how the innovative company is designing its operational landscape with Appway to streamline processes and empower knowledge workers to deliver a superior client experience.
The Future of WorkCristina Riesen, Evernote
The way we work today has fundamentally changed, as have the tools and technology that allow people to achieve more and more each day. Cristina Riesen will present her thoughts on the future of work, the modern workspace, and what it means to be truly productive.
The New Customer: Driving the People RevolutionChristine Ciriani, Capco
Digitalization will transform the way customers interact with their financial service providers. These growing consumer demands have fueled a “people revolution.” Ciriani will explore emerging trends and fresh ideas in the financial services such as: will analog and digital finally come together? What lessons can we learn from account opening processes outside of financial markets?
Digitalisation at VP Bank: Improving Customer Service Quality and Operational EfficiencyJoachim Künzi, VP Bank
Today, customers expect exceptional service, regulators demand compliance, and employees want to use modern technology to implement internal processes. Through all this, management must keep costs and risks to a minimum. With the implementation of Appway Client Onboarding, VP Bank Group has launched a digitalization strategy that’s transforming the organization for the better.
Bessemer Trust Digital Transformation: Beyond Client OnboardingMark Tremblay, Bessemer Trust
The rapid evolution of technology is creating new challenges for Wealth Managers in North America. As regulatory pressure and more demanding customers become the norm, lagging back offices and client facing channel issues take their toll. A leader in the family wealth industry, Bessemer Trust is embarking on a redesign of its client onboarding and back office operations with Appway - to look beyond simple automation and towards better and more client facing interactions.
Digital Banking for a Digital WorldSalvatore Iacangelo, Credit Suisse
With a customer-centric approach and a strong emphasis on user experience, Credit Suisse aims to deliver the next level of advice sought by today’s clients. Listen to Salvatore Iacangelo, Head of Strategic Change, explain how Credit Suisse is positioning itself as a leader in digital private banking, and how Appway is helping the institution on this digital journey with its client onboarding solution.
Reinventing BPM for the Age of the CustomerClay Richardson, Forrester Research
How does digital transformation provide new openings for BPM? In the age of customer engagement, re-engineering customer service processes has become increasingly critical. Through insights from the latest Forrester research and real use cases, guest speaker Clay Richardson, principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc., will explore today’s best practices in customer-centric BPM.
Afternoon Program
Digital Experience Stream - Session 1Delivering a Seamless Experience Along the Customer JourneyNina Schneider, Appway
In today’s age of the customer, digital experience is top of mind for CEOs and CIOs. For companies this means they need to manage the complexity of products and services while meeting changing customer expectations. Nina Schneider, Product Lead at Appway, will explain what organizations need to consider while operationalizing digital experience, and how Appway can support in creating a seamless experience across all workspaces.
Digital Experience Stream - Session 2Best Practice in Digital Customer Interaction - Insights from the “Digital Transformation Report 2015”Bramwell Kaltenrieder, Crosswalk
Digital touchpoints have become key success factors in the interaction with customers. Bramwell Kaltenrieder will share the findings from a study conducted by the University of St. Gallen and the strategy consulting firm Crosswalk that examined the competence of companies in this area. Learn about the “Digital Maturity Model” and get an overview of key skills for better digital customer interaction.
Digital Experience Stream - Session 3Appway’s Approach to Crafting User Experience in a B2B environmentAdriana Ispas & Lukas Mathis, Appway
In today’s customer-centric world, high quality user experience is becoming the key differentiator between competitors in the marketplace. Appway UX experts will present a decade of Appway UX learnings, distilled into a cutting-edge user experience for clients and employees.
Digital Experience Stream - Session 4Concise Innovation Thanks to Design Thinking 

Vera Brannen, Usable Brands
The pressure regarding product innovation is growing due to lean startups and shorter development cycles in a highly competitive market. This presentation will introduce you to the benefits of design thinking as an efficient way to evaluate product ideas at an early stage. With a user-centric and creative approach, you will see how to improve your product development cycle by creating the right team and understanding the needs and values of your clients and users.
Digital Banking Stream - Session 1Enhancing Your Digital Banking Experience with AppwayPhilip Schoch, Appway
There are lots of debates, speeches and articles these days about how the Digital Bank should look like and what it should do. At Appway, we have been spending a lot of time thinking about what digital banking processes are; and we realized that the number of interaction patterns grows almost exponentially. In this session, the topic will be broken down and the best approach will be discussed.
Digital Banking Stream - Session 2Complex Client Processes – Can They be Digitised and Subcontracted? Austin Slater & Micha Bitterli, Deloitte
For Deloitte, digitizing and delegating complex, regulatory-driven processes to a third party is key to cost optimization and increased efficiency in banking. Listen to Slater and Bitterli, director in Financial Advisory and partner in Audit Services respectively, share their vision of the future value chain in today’s fast-changing and highly regulated banking environment.
Digital Banking Stream - Session 3The Advancing of Digital Wealth ManagementStephen Wall, Aite Group
Times have changed and customers of both today and tomorrow have enhanced expectations. What exactly do these tech-savvy wealth holders want from their wealth managers? For Stephen Wall, senior analyst with Aite Group, “digital” is about a deeper focus on the client. The market is changing, and tech-driven start-ups have already come in and raised the stakes. Now it’s time for the rest to step up to the plate.
Digital Banking Stream - Session 4A New Omnichannel Architecture to Enable a new Business StrategyMarco La Rosa, GFT
In Italy, GFT partnered with the Italian digital-first bank CheBanca! to build new omnichannel architecture for the institution. Learn more about how a fast deployment and a strong focus on customer experience have allowed CheBanca! to meet their yearly business goals and take advantage of market changes.
Digital Transformation Stream - Session 1Digital Transformation: A Continuous JourneyValérie Bauloye & Andrea Buzzi, Appway
Customers and employees expect a high level of digitalized service from traditional organizations. However, transforming an existing organization into a digital business will not be achieved by a Big Bang, it requires a series of orchestrated initiatives. This session highlights how the Appway Platform enables organizations to quickly create tangible and effective results and to benefit from valuable synergies along the journey towards digitalization.
Digital Transformation Stream - Session 2Bimodal IT with Appway - Can you Sprint a Marathon?Peter Graef, ipt
Having a stable and reliable IT that also supports innovation and rapid business change is a challenge. After all, one is like running a marathon; the other like sprinting. But Appway enables you to do both with what’s called “Bimodal IT,” the new paradigm for IT departments. The Appway Platform enables business processes to run reliably in a high performance cluster marathon, but also promotes sprinting with agile development and adaptive case management.
Digital Transformation Stream - Session 3The digital process transformation – how to deliver quantifiable resultsMarco Kundert, BearingPoint
In a world of increasing digitalization, BPM has become paramount. BearingPoint explores the results of a multi-sector survey, revealing the benefits of various benefits of BPM, its status at companies around the world, and the keys to successful implementation.
Digital Transformation Stream - Session 4Lean Enterprise - Driving Innovation and Agility Zubin Chagpar, Amazon Web Services
How can big corporations innovate like startups? The Lean Enterprise is a methodology that allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage its work with Startups for Enterprises. Through this methodology AWS has opened up new opportunities at the business level of its customers by helping them to incorporate start up methodologies for Enterprise IT. This session will be non-technical in nature.
Appway Networking Party
The Dream of Flying: How Design and Science meet the Digital AgeMax Rheiner, Birdly
Flying is a cross-cultural dream: around the globe people have always dreamt to split the sky like a bird. In today’s digital world, designers and scientists leverage new technologies and attempt to make the dream come true. With an agile approach, based on fast feedback and iterative development, a team of design thinkers from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences built Birdly, the best full-body flight simulator in the world. Opening the evening, Max Rheiner, founder of the project, will share how, with continuously improving features, Birdly aims to address all of your five senses and deliver a truly immersive virtual reality experience. Join the Appway Networking Party, and try yourself the ultimative virtual fly experience.
FoodArt: Gourmet Experience with Switzerland’s Best Young ChefsSandro Zinggeler & Friends
Sandro Zinggeler, who was awarded “Bester Jungkoch” at the age of 19, is one of Switzerland’s youngest and most innovative celebrity chefs. Along with Stefano Corrado and Johannes Hess, the team will prepare a gourmet dinner experience for guests at Appway Sphere's Networking Party.
Morning Program
Welcome NoteOliver Brupbacher, Appway
Customer Success with AppwayValérie Bauloye, Appway
Development & Architecture Stream - Session 1Appway and AngularJSMassimo Foti, Appway
Many development tools today are strongly opinionated. Join Massimo Foti, Senior Front End Engineer at Appway, to discuss JavaScript MV* frameworks within Appway, and take a closer look at the different architectural philosophies and how they affect applications design.
Development & Architecture Stream - Session 2The Emperor's New Value StoreThomas Suter, Appway
In this speech, Thomas Suter, Practice Lead Data & Integration at Appway, will talk about the evolution of Appway’s value stores and outline the new concepts that have been implemented to fit the requirements of a clustered environment.
Development & Architecture Stream - Session 3Appway in Parallel: How to Achieve Fast and Efficient Parallel Development, Workflows and ApprovalsEugene Ho, Appway
After a short introduction to parallel processing, senior architect Eugene Ho will explore the context of parallel development in Appway: multi-threading and clustering, parallel development of traditional coding projects, collaboration, workflows, data sharing, and approval processes.
Development & Architecture Stream - Session 4Automated Reports for Quality Assurance in Big TeamsAndrea Pellegatta, Appway
It’s important to keep the quality under control during the project lifetime, especially when teams are big and distributed all over the world. How do we ensure consistency and make sure that all best practices are applied? Learn more about the tools Appway Platform could offer for quality assurance, like automatic checks and health check reports.
Operations Stream - Session 1Fast and Stable: How to Monitor and Tune your Appway SolutionMauro Labate, Appway
Make sure your Appway solution is stable and performing. Hear about the factors that contribute to CPU, memory, network and disk consumption in Appway, and delve into the stability and tuning toolboxes that help fix bad performance use cases.
Operations Stream - Session 2How to Engineer High Quality Solutions – Integration and TestingMauro Bampo & Stefania Leone, Appway
Appway’s solution engineers will show how integration links can be configured for synchronous, asynchronous and parallel execution, and how threads and load on the integration links can be monitored. The second part of the workshop will focus on testing Appway solutions, by integrating unit and end-to-end testing frameworks.
User Experience Stream - Session 1Leveraging the New Appway Workspace for Optimal User ExperienceLukas Mathis & Adriana Ispas, Appway
This session focuses on leveraging Appway’s knowledge to easily and quickly create solutions that provide a best-of-class user experience. Learn about a design process that integrates perfectly with Appway, and discover a service offering that helps you achieve your solutions’ fullest potential.
User Experience Stream - Session 2Enhancing the Appway Workspace for Mobile WorkAurelian Briner, Appway
Aurelian Briner, consultant at Appway, will introduce the native Appway Workspace and the key elements that ensure a seamless mobile experience. Discover the features of our native application, solution components for mobile work and the Appway Platform functionalities that can be leveraged on mobile devices.
User Experience Stream - Session 3Customizing the Appway Workspace to Corporate DesignPankaj Juvekar & Emily Meroni, Appway
Want to customize the Appway workspace to your brand image? Pankaj Juvekar, Visual Designer and Emily Meroni, Front End UI Engineer will present and demonstrate how Appway solutions are adaptable to the client’s brand design.
Project Delivery Stream - Session 1Appway’s Agile Project DeliveryThomas Zwicker, Appway
Thanks to Appway’s delivery model, almost a hundred projects met their objectives. This presentation will explore the core beliefs, key success factors and tailoring possibilities in your journey towards digitalization with Appway.
Project Delivery Stream - Session 2How to do a POC - Learnings from APACSebastien Vallon & Zoe Niu, Appway
What experiences has Appway gained from doing Proof of Concepts in Asia? Hear about differences in culture, client expectations and requirements, and what it takes in terms of skill sets and mindsets. Be inspired on best practices for building successful POCs in Asia, and beyond.
Project Delivery Stream - Session 3How to Run your Agile Client Onboarding ProjectChristophe Suter & Lorenz Graf, Appway
How can you successfully run your COB project with Appway? The Zurich based consultants Lorenz Graf and Christophe Suter will give an overview on agile software development based on best practices at Appway.
Project Delivery Stream - Session 4Feedback Please: Best Practices of Show and Tell Amruta Dongre & Adam Bieser, Appway
Find out how the Appway North America team lays the foundation to a successful Appway implementation using best practices of show and tells. Adam Bieser and Amruta Dongre will guide you through a real life use case and demo to demonstrate the benefits of instant feedback in an agile methodology.
Afternoon Program
Development & Architecture Stream - Session 1How to Build Standalone Screen ApplicationsStephan Markwalder, Appway
The goal of this workshop is to get in touch with standalone screens, which are used outside of the context of an Appway process. Understand their advantages and disadvantages, learn about the building blocks Appway provides for implementing a standalone screen application, and get some best practice tips.
Development & Architecture Stream - Session 2WebServices for the UninitiatedBrett Crawley, Appway
WebServices, what’s all this fuss about? Get the basics of SOAP and REST, two web service industry standards for integrating Web-based applications. Brett Crawley, Senior Software Engineer, will explore pros and cons of each, and show how to simply setup WebServices within Appway.
Operations Stream - Session 1Load Testing: Are you Ready for Production?Stefania Leone & Lukas Blunschi, Appway
This talk will focus on why you should and how you can load test your Appway solution. Learn about Appway’s load test procedure and toolset, and understand Appway’s approach based on the results of load testing the client onboarding template.
Operations Stream - Session 2Operating Appway in the CloudCyrill Häfeli, Appway
Cyrill Häfeli, Appway’s IT Infrastructure Manager, will give an overview of Appway operations in the cloud inside the Appway Studio and on Amazon Web Services: learn how to set up a single installation, to configure a multi node cluster or to monitor cloud environments.
Operations Stream - Session 3One-click Deployment with AppwayMauro Bampo, Appway
Learn how deployment is natively done in Appway, and how to organize a solution so that the whole project or individual components are easily released. See how import and export of packages across environments can be automated and integrated with the tools in your IT ecosystem.
Operations Stream - Session 4Customer Self-Service Solutions – Connecting the WWW to your IntranetMauro Labate & Michele Sassi, Appway
Should you implement one Appway on the Web, one internal Appway, or both? Through a reference case and a demo, learn to separate functionalities and tailor your Appway integration and self-service solutions to your needs.
User Experience Stream - Session 1Best Practices in Building Screens for Complex ApplicationsRamón Burri & Tom Weber, Appway
Working on a complete process template, attendees will focus on tuning the screens in regards of performance, scalability and maintainability, as well as user experience. New screen components of Appway 6.2 such as adaptive flow layout or adaptive table of content will be discussed as well.
User Experience Stream - Session 2Appway Workspace Collaboration in ActionAlberto Congiu & Matteo Dosmi, Appway
In this workshop, attendees will learn to add and configure Workspace Collaboration components based on a pre-existing process. Discover how those components, in particular the Workspace Notification, Discussion and Chat features, allow users to collaborate and share knowledge, thus enhancing user interactions and overall process performances.
Automation & Knowledge Work Stream - Session 1Working with Appway Across the Process SpectrumMartin Spengler, Appway
This talk explores the realms beyond BPM. Learn about the structured processes, emerging processes, adaptive case management, and how Appway can support you in building solutions across the process spectrum.
Automation & Knowledge Work Stream - Session 2Collaborating Beyond the Process WorldGiorgio Luparia & Amey Purandare, Appway
Expert chat, discussion feeds, notifications: explore through a demo the features of Appway Workspace Collaboration module with Giorgio Luparia, Lead Architect at Appway, and learn about the different ways of collaborating and sharing data beyond processes.
Automation & Knowledge Work Stream - Session 3Appway Business Rules: Serving the Market at BestChiara Gelmini & Giacomo Porro, Appway
This presentation aims to clarify how Appway Business Rules can orchestrate and streamline the whole world of complexity that leads the financial industry. Gain insights on Appway Rules from both a business and technical perspective: learn what an Appway Rule is, how it is used and why, and what added value and benefits it brings.
Automation & Knowledge Work Stream - Session 4Leveraging Process Insights in the Appway WorkspaceLaura Monetti, Appway
Laura Monetti, Product Manager of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) at Appway, will focus on process visibility and optimization in the Appway unified digital workspace. Hear about Appway BAM’s usage steps and goals, and learn how to provide real-time process insights to all workspace users.
Training Sessions
Sign up for one of a variety of special training sessions available after the conference at Appway Academy.
Fundamental Training:
September 23-24
Business Analyst Training:
September 25
Developer Training:
September 28 - October 2
CEO and Founder, Appway
CTO, Appway
Head of Property & Casualty IT, Swiss Re
GM of EMEA, Evernote
Partner, Capco
CEO, VP Bank (Switzerland)
Head of Operations Strategy & Family Office Services, Bessemer Trust
Head of Strategic Change, Credit Suisse
Principal Analyst, Forrester
Product Lead, Appway
Practice Lead, Appway
Head of Customer Success, Appway
Head of Business Development, Appway
Managing Partner, Crosswalk
Director, Financial Advisory, Deloitte
Partner, Audit Services, Deloitte
Managing Partner, ipt
Senior User Experience Consultant, Appway
User Experience Lead, Appway
Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Manager, BearingPoint
Director, Usable Brands
Vice President Operations, GFT
Venture Capital Business Development EMEA, Amazon Web Services
CTO and Founder, Somniacs
Chef, Sandro Zinggeler FoodArt
Appway Sphere 2015 took place at the Papierfabrik and Four Points Hotel in central Zurich, near the shops and restaurants of Sihlcity. Each venue matched the mood of the event, from a large, airy conference hall to a trendy dining space and intimate meeting rooms.